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Quick Guide To Understanding Your Usb Drive And Storage Capability

If you have been looking for for an external hard drive recently, you may have probably seen how many different choices there are on the market. Each manufacturer seems to have several different drives with varying storage capacities. The task of choosing the hard drive best suited for your needs can be confusing.

Pre-installed External USB Hard Drives

Pre-installed external hard drive enclosures, commonly called USB hard drives, are the most common type of external USB hard drives These drives come with the hard drive itself, power supply and hard drive interface. All you need to do is plug the device into your computer, no formatting or drivers are required.

Empty External Drive Enclosure

If you enjoy tinkering with computers and learning as you go, then an external hard drive enclosure is worth considering. Its basically a complete hard drive case, with a power supply and hard drive interface, the only thing that is missing is the hard drive itself. You can use a new drive or an existing drive from an older computer. If you do choose an external hard drive enclosure, you have to install the drive yourself. Installing a hard drive in an external case is a task that almost anyone can perform . You simply plug in a cable or two and screw the drive in place.

Gigabytes and Terabytes

A USB external hard drive usually has the capacity quoted in gigabytes or terabytes. Older HDDs quoted their smaller capacities in megabytes, some of the very first hard drives were had storage capacities as small as 5 megabytes but that was adequate for those times. These days you will find hard drive capacities ranging from 20 gigabytes to 1000 gigabytes . If you are using your external hard drive as a backup device, the higher capacity drives will probably be most appropriate. [spin] If you are looking to travel | If your job requires travel or you simply want to transport files from one computer to another, a smaller capacity portable drive will be your best bet.

Understanding the Actual Available Storage Space

The storage size discrepancy is a factor you should take into consideration when selecting your external hard drive.

A USB Hard Drive is an Excellent Choice for Backup Solutions

If your seeking portability, convenience, price and ease of use, an external plug-n-play USB drive works like a charm. Simply plug it in and wham you've got a ton of space, all for a relatively affordable price. Its a great way to do your backups at a reasonable price.

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